Remember “move fast and break things”?

When Facebook was an upstart tech-baby growing by leaps and bounds, move fast and break things was Mark Zuckerberg’s celebrated motto.

Soon, Zuckerberg’s mantra was everywhere: in the tech media, in keynotes given by business leaders, emblazoned on posters in co-working spaces, breathlessly detailed in self-help and how-to-be-productive blog posts.

For a while, move fast and break things and the practices that went with it became the standard and status quo in the tech industry as well as the wider business worlds. It became a cipher for how to succeed.

And then democracy got broken.

There’s an object lesson here. Something can enter the mainstream and become our ‘status quo’ — widely agreed upon, celebrated, taught, practiced, copied, repeated, unquestioned — and still be wrong-headed, with disastrous consequences.

So it is with the online marketing.

The Marketing Status Quo is Broken

Mental and Social Triggers

Status Quo Marketing Can Be Exploitative and Oppressive

In other words: This is BIGGER than Integrity or Ethics

Someone could use all of the dehumanizing practices outlined here and actually be in total integrity with their ethics. Because in their worldview, domination, oppression, profit-at-all-costs are normal, natural and acceptable.

On the flip side of that coin, someone could feel off or out-of-integrity with these practices but not understand why or what to do about it…until they analyzed it through the lens of justice.

Marketing is Inherently Political

Mark Zuckerberg and privilege

Towards “Justice-Informed Marketing”

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